CSB # 2047 Recorded Live 2016 Derby Stream

Watch the 2016 Derby


1 Tyler R
2 Michael S
3 Evan G
4 Sam S
5 Dan R
6 AJ S
7 Kaidyn L
8 Tom S
9 Kody Z
10 Matt W
11 Dans L
12 Matt N
13 Chris S
14 RT D
15 Josh D
16 Andy B
17 Ethan H
18 Logan F

Battalion Cadets

51 Charlie H
52 Doug J
53 Will F
54 Chase K
55 Cullen M
56 Dalton R
57 Logan F
58 Louis P
59 Brad F
60 Chris W
61 Alex B
62 Austin B

Each boy races 4 times, once in each lane

1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc.

In case of a tie, those with the tied points will race off with lanes chosen at random.

Photographs of all the 2016 cars 2016 Pinewood Derby Race Rotation/Schedule can be viewed here

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Christian Service Brigade #2047 is a boys and teens group from the Wesleyan Church of Orchard Park. Brigade #2047 has been active in Orchard Park since the early 1960's.

Stockade (Tuesday or Wednesday's 7-8:30pm) is an active group aimed at the 8 - 12 year old boy.

  • Boys have a structured and organized meeting time of games, post time (small group's), Sport/Wood Projects/Active Activites, special events and story circle.

  • Stockade also takes part in many extra activities which include, overnights, game nights, camping trips, pinewood derby, reptile night, Summer Camp and others!

We have two active Stockade groups!
Both groups participate in the same activities, follow the same schedule and have many of the same leaders.

Tuesday Stockade is smaller and may utilize uniform shirts during the 15/16 year for boys who enjoy that structure.  (how we are different from Boy Scouts?)

Wednesday Stockade, is larger, less centralized, and while taking part in the same activities does not use uniform shirts.

Tuesday Stockade, 7‑8:30 pm,
Wednesday Stockade, 7‑8:30pm.

Facebook Feed - updates to the website are automatically fed to facebook. Photo's and info as activities are ongoing may be sent directly to facebook. Any photo's uploaded to facebook are there temporarily as the event is ongoing. Afterwards the images will be removed and stay resident on

To receive updates by text message - send the text    "follow csb2047" to  40404



Here are the links for the Tuesday Stockade, Cadet session on web authoring

Doug & Chase


Riley and Alex

Sam & Evan learn why it is important to save their work


tuesweb1 . tuesweb2





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