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This room is for the use of the boys and teens involved in CSB 2047 - Tree Climbers, Stockade & Battalion. Guests are welcome to enjoy the games!

If you live around Orchard Park, East Aurora, Hamburg West Seneca, etc., why not visit our group!



If you are 6 - 7 year old boy you and your Dad should join Tree Climbers!
If you are an 8 - 12 year old boy you should join Stockade!
If you are a teen guy aged 12 - 18 you should join Battalion!

Information for your Mom and Dad is here.







Crazy Chess

Critter Chorus

Deadly Dwarves

Euro 2008

Farmyard Missile Launcher

Heli Racer

Jungle Jiggy

Penguin Diner

Puppy Fetch


Rapid Fire

Robo Slug

Rocket Rescue

Rugger Bugger

Snow Trouble

Spider Monkey

Squirrel Harvest

Stoneage Sam





Moon Patrol

Star Castle












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If OP Central Schools are closed the ENTIRE day due to weather, there is no group.
If school is started late, dismissed early or others schools are closed, there is Stockade, Battalion, TC.

If the weather is bad where you live, stay home.

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